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Police Looking for the Legend That Ripped Down a Czech Highway in a Formula 1 Car

It’s most certainly not every day that you see something resembling a Formula One car rocketing down the highway. However, for motorists in the Czech Republic, that’s exactly what they would see as they made their way to work a couple of weeks ago.

The first thing is first because we know that there are going to be some Internet sleuths to try to call out the car for not actually being a Formula One car, and we have to say that they’re right. Headlines around the web have bolstered the story as such but some point out that the machine is actually a GP2 racer. The GP2 series was an opened-wheeled motorsport league that was introduced back in 2005. Before its demise, GP2 was a popular Formula One feeder, essentially bringing along the next big stars before they hit the grand stage. In other words, this is a machine that’s pretty close to what we see in F1.

Regardless of the technicalities, it was kind of awesome to see a race car like this ripping down the highway. Apparently, this isn’t exactly a brand-new phenomenon in the Czech Republic. Instead, stories say that something similar happened a couple of years ago. Czech police did apprehend a 45-year-old man at the time after the same car appeared on the same highway back in 2018. However, because this heroic driver is wearing his helmet, they couldn’t exactly do anything to charge him.

Apparently, he’s back at it as the GP2 racer was spotted out and about, ripping down the same stretch of road with a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ and a Bugatti Chiron. From what we understand, police are actually searching for the driver yet again but it appears as if unless they actually catch him in the act, there really isn’t all that much that could be done to punish the individual.

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