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Farmtruck and AZN Get Zero Oil Pressure for Christmas!

What fun would owning an entire fleet of vehicles be if there weren’t issues to go along with them?

All jokes aside, when one adds multiple performance machines to their collection, the odds of more maintenance and more issues is definitely heading up with the size of the collection. It’s just the nature of the beast when it comes to expanding in this way.

As far as Street Outlaws fan favorites, Farmtruck and AZN go, their collection of toys is pretty large and diverse. This time, on Christmas of all days, one of the members of the fleet goes down with what appears to be a potentially catastrophic issue.

For the holidays, the dynamic duo decided to take the viral Farmboat and bring it out for the OKC River Sports Holiday Boat Parade. The parade has all sorts of vessels dressing up with lights and other Christmas decorations to really get in the holiday spirit.

It seems as if it took the Farmboat a little bit of extra effort to get into that spirit, though, as the vessel did a lot of fighting back against its owners who were trying to get into that parade. Eventually, though, they manage to get it sorted out and dressed up with all sorts of lights. However, after running the boat up and down the river a couple of times, it comes back without oil pressure. That statement alone should be enough to make any automotive enthusiast’s heart drop. Losing oil pressure is the one thing that we all fear because it could signal a variety of different catastrophic issues.

Below, we check in as FNA attempts to get in the holiday spirit with the boat that’s fighting back! Fortunately, they persevered through it and we get to see an awesome Christmas light show but what comes next might be a bit expensive! Follow Farmtruck and AznFacebook / Instagram 

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