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Farmtruck and AZN Debut New “Locals Only” Show on Discovery Channel, Coming January 2023

OG Street Outlaws fan favorites, Farmtruck and AZN, no longer appear on the show’s main program. This seems to be due mainly to their lack of desire to build a fully blown race car in order to compete with the machines that are now featured on the show. However, the magnetic attraction that fans seem to have to this duo has kept the powers at Discovery ready and willing to have them host their own spinoff show.

Earlier this year, the duo was featured in a self-titled show that showcased all of the off-the-wall builds that they have become so well known for. As of now, we haven’t received news that the show will be renewed or canceled but what we have heard is that team FNA will be at it again with another new television show.

With the newest Street Outlaws spinoff titled “Locals Only,” Farmtruck and AZN Will travel the country, following the No Prep Kings circuit. However, instead of featuring the race cars that participate in this series, they will be digging around to come up with some homegrown talent to put to the test.

As producers seem to continue to show an interest in bringing the programming back to its roots where things were a bit more relatable, this particular show will find normal people who work all week and race on the weekends. Just because racing isn’t a full-time job for these competitors, though, isn’t to say that some of these racers don’t have some pretty amazing and competitive racing machines in the garage.

Each weekend, the competitors will battle for a chance to take home up to $10,000. This is split in half, with $5,000 reward to whoever wins the race among the grassroots racers and an additional $5,000 awarded to that winner if they can manage to beat one of the competitors from the main show.

In the trailer below, we get a little bit of a sneak peek at Locals Only which is set to debut on Discovery Channel in January 2023.

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