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Farmtruck and AZN go to Paul Bunyan Land!

Those who know of Paul Bunyan recall the giant lumberjack and his trusty steed, Babe the Blue Ox, who reside in American folklore with tales of superhuman feats of labor. The massive mythical lumberjack was known as a hero for North America’s lumberjacks and he was so big that that story says it took five storks to deliver him to his parents. Bunyan grew so big that he would tower over forests and be able to take them down with a single swipe of his axe, so the tale goes.

Is it just so happens, this member of folklore has an entire theme park dedicated to him. While there might not be much to do in Brainerd, Minnesota, aside from attending Brainerd International Raceway, it turns out that Paul Bunyan Land is a place that might be interesting to visit, especially when accompanied by road trip partners, Farmtruck and AZN. I mean, we think that just about anywhere turns out to be an adventure when FNA are involved in the festivities.

This time, a member of the crew, Jenn, Farmtruck and AZN’s TV Producer, brought up the potential idea of going to Paul Bunyan Land. After mentioning some nostalgic moments from her childhood, the crew was in as they thought that the local landmark might be a good place to pay a visit while on the road.

In the video below, we get to join in with a road trip fun, following the action to Minnesota to see what Paul Bunyan Land is all about. As usual, any trip is going to be a lot of fun with team FNA. This one just so happens to encompass the likes of antiques, rides, and all of the glory that Paul Bunyan lore lovers could handle. This place has a certain level of charm to it that really makes it feel unique.