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Farmtruck and AZN Take us Behind the Scenes in Tulsa

Season 15 of Street Outlaws is well underway and fans are being treated to a different yet familiar experience. Over time, the Street Outlaws trajectory has certainly gained a lot of momentum, taking the crew from typical street cars all the way up to big tire racers in recent years. In fact, the Street Outlaws had become known as some of the fastest ever machines to hit the streets.

Because of this, certain drivers might have fallen out of the rotation. The perfect example of this was the dynamic duo and fan favorites, Farmtruck and AZN. Team FNA decided that the route that the show was taking didn’t necessarily fit their game plan so they decided to take a leave of absence.

However, as things seem to have come around full circle, team FNA is back. As the format has been dialed back from these big tire racing machines to street-oriented rides once again, FNA joined back in almost as if they’d never left. Not only is this new format more relatable for fans but it also opens the doors for more competitors to step up to the plate.

This time, we check in with FNA to see their very own personal perspective on the adventure. In this particular vlog video, the duo takes us along to Tulsa for episode 8 of season 15. Certainly, the cameras from Discovery capture a lot of the action and drama. However, for fans who are looking for just a bit more, videos like this take the leap, filling the void with additional content that really helps to paint the entire picture of what it was like to be on the scene that night.

Below, fans of FNA find even more to love as we’re given the backstage pass to see the action in a way that just can’t be shown on TV.