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Street Outlaws M*rder Nova in 1400HP “Fire Donk” Takes on Aventador in His First Ever Roll Race

If we’re talking about going fast in a straight line, look no further than Street Outlaws fan favorite, Shawn Ellington aka “M*rder Nova” as the authority on how to get it done. With decades of experience around the drag racing scene, Ellington really has collected a good bit of knowledge in regards to what it takes to make a machine get down the street in the fastest way possible.

What Ellington has never done, though, in his long and illustrious street racing career, is roll race. Even though roll racing and dig racing seem incredibly similar as they both take place in the streets and sometimes even involve the same cars, the nuances make these two different forms of competition incredibly different in nature.

This time, Ellington steps up to the plate to see what his “Fire Donk” has to offer in the world of roll racing. To get things kicked off, the donk finds an incredibly formidable opponent in a Lamborghini Aventador SV. As far as we can tell, the car is factory stock which is still impressive as Lamborghini outfitted these bad boys with 740 hp on tap to play with.

Fortunately for Ellington, his sneaky sleeper has quite a bit of power on tap itself. In fact, when operating at 25 psi of boost, the car is able to crank out 1400 hp. However, the fact that it’s as aerodynamic as a brick and features a set of huge wheels that certainly aren’t helping traction both contribute to the fact that maybe the Lamborghini has a chance.

Down below, we tune in as this Street Outlaws cornerstone tries roll racing for the first time, taking on an exotic that is in for quite the surprise. I guess that this is the racing definition of never judging a book by its cover.

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