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New 2023 Chevy Astro Van | Would You Buy One?

Sometimes it’s the vehicles that we take for granted that can end up bringing us the most nostalgia in the end. Perhaps, for some, this nostalgia can come from imagining something like the Chevrolet Astro van. Sure, the Astro was a vehicle that would tend to blend in when spotted it in parking lots around the country. Years later, though, it gives us this weird nostalgic vibe as there is nothing anything like it being produced today.

What if, though, General Motors came up with a plan to revive the van that was born in 1985 before getting the axe in 1994?

Officially, that’s not exactly on the docket. However, with YouTube creators like Brian Mello with the help of artist, wb.artist20, we’re now able to see exactly what such a product might look like should it come to life in 2023.

This time, our host dares to ask what would happen if GM decided to bring back this classic nameplate and try to make a minivan school again? At the end of the day, it seems like the minivan fad has kind of faded out – but creating a new version of the Astro couldn’t possibly be worse than a hodgepodge of crossover blobs offered today that are devoid of all personality. Right?

Well, the aforementioned duo of artists got to work, starting off with the base of a 2022 Chevrolet Silverado High Country and going from there. The result is a van that looks nothing like what we’ve ever seen before and it boasts some pretty wild capabilities. After all, as it was concocted from the base of a Silverado, it could theoretically tow and haul something similar to what these full-size trucks are capable of.

Below, our host dives into the possibility of bringing back such a nameplate and what exactly it might look like if it came to life today.