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Farmtruck & AZN Race 1200 HP Lambo in Their… Camper?

Farmtruck and AZN have been known to truly build some wild stuff. We aren’t just talking about the normal kind of “wild” where somebody puts an unconventional engine swap under the hood of their favorite car. Instead, these two really go off of the beaten path entirely, abandoning our concepts of what we thought that we knew about building a hot rod and adopting their very own roadmap to success.

One of the dynamic duo’s creations just so happens to come in the form of a camper. No, we aren’t talking about a recreational vehicle with four wheels and a steering wheel but instead a pull-behind camper that’s designed for maybe one or two people to sleep in as it’s attached to a trailer hitch. This isn’t just any camper, though, as this particular machine has been completely redesigned to be able to be driven by itself.

Long story short, the duo took a functioning chassis and basically stuck it underneath the pull behind, turning it into something that is self-propelled. The result is pretty wild and it’s neat to see the reactions of people staring this thing down who can’t seem to figure out exactly what it is that they’re looking at.

In this particular situation, we check in with the FarmtruckandAZN YouTube channel as they head down to Ennis, Texas to throw down with this unconventional creation. In the next lane over this time is the car that frankly has the camper outmatched but as Farmtruck sits behind the wheel, he says that he just wants to have a little bit of fun and go racing which is a position that I think most of us have been in before.

Down below, we not only get to see this unconventional build once again but we get to watch it go head-to-head with a pretty stout opponent in a 1200+ WHP Lamborghini!

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