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Fast X Early Reactions Mostly Say The Same Thing

At this point, I think that most gearheads are familiar with the ups and downs of the Fast and Furious saga. The francise that started off as a car guy favorite with lots of street racing and action has since evolved to something entirely different that emulates an international espionage franchise more than a car-based franchise.

With the last installment, Fast 9 would become the lowest ever IMDb fan rated movie from the Fast Universe With that, we can’t help but wonder if the franchise might shift gears for the installment that’s due to drop this Friday or if they have simply found a formula to print money and plan to stick to it.

As the public is getting ready to sink its teeth into the film, critics have already been given an early screening and we have a little bit of an idea of what one might expect.

As has been par for the course with the recent films in the franchise, viewers can expect to see the absurd action that the franchise has become known for, according to early reviews. The Looper YouTube channel has taken the liberty of compiling some of those reviews to give us a taste of what’s coming.

While some say that it’s still a movie that they would recommend turning off your brain to enjoy, it seems as if most critics have appreciated the performance of Jason Mamoa who is said to have stolen the show in a variety of different ways.

Even critic, Emmanuel Noisette, who claims Fast X is “on cruise control with ridiculous stunts and logic-defying action” had to take a moment to praise Mamoa as the franchise’s new antagonist.

So, when this thing finally does hit theaters is it going to be a hit that the original fans have been waiting for or will we just see another copy and paste movie with even more dramatic stunt sequences as the franchise has become accustomed to?