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First Hits on NEW OG Murder Nova ProCharger Setup

One would think that once a competitor has climbed their way up the ranks of the Street Outlaws hierarchy, that they would tend to keep their setup together. Even being able to remain competitive on the list is an accomplishment in and of itself.

However, it seems like just about everybody can’t help themselves when it comes to upgrading and changing things up. Even the best of the best sometimes have a trick up their sleeve with a new setup to take the competition by storm.

At the end of the day, this is the only way to get down to business because if you’re staying still and the competition is improving, technically you’re on your way to losing.

This time, we get to tune in with the OG Murder Nova to see exactly what the car has been up to. Recently, the machine would be torn down and a new chassis would be created by DMC Racing. While the OG would hang onto its 540 ci big block, Shawn did decide to switch up the power adder, electing to go with a ProCharger combination.

This time, we get to dial ourselves in with the new setup to see exactly how it’s going to work out. Right from the beginning, perhaps things need to be tweaked a little bit before the car is officially ready for competition. However, when we see new parts coming together like this, we can’t help it get a little bit excited.

Down in the video below, you can follow along with the 187 Customs crew as that sinister black Nova makes a couple of test hits to see how everything is going to work. After all the effort that has been invested into the OG Murder Nova, we can’t wait to see how exactly things shake out when push comes to shove and competition gets fierce.

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