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Fixing a Flooded Electric Car By Submerging it in 4200 lbs of RICE Actually Worked!

It’s not really a huge secret that water is the enemy of most electronics. Sure, we are getting to an era where some of the more commonly used electronics like cell phones and smart watches are waterproof. However, there are still lots of electronics out there that you’re not going to want to get wet.

Among these electronics that you’re not going to want to get too wet, we find electric cars. While these vehicles naturally have to be pretty water-resistant to be driven in inclement conditions, we wouldn’t go so far as calling them “waterproof.” For example, if you sink an EV in a lake, there’s a good chance that you’re going to have a pretty bad time.

As such, even though electric vehicles are still relatively new to the automotive landscape, there are some that have been popping up on the salvage vehicle market as victims of flooding.

This time, we check in with YouTube creator, Rich Rebuilds as he gets his hands on an Audi E-Tron that has definitely seen better days because of its interaction with floodwaters. His solution to fix it is rather familiar but also one that really has us scratching our heads wondering if it could possibly work.

The simple yet far-fetched plan has the creator sinking the electric vehicle in a ton of rice to see if it’ll help to dry it out. After all, this same process is said to work if you drop your phone in the toilet so why couldn’t it dry out an EV?

Below, we check in with the process of building a container capable of housing enough rice to dry out a car to see if this tried and true method can be applied to a situation like this. This seems to be more of a funny video than our host actually trying to go fix anything but could it actually work?


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