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70,000 Fish Stocked in Alpine Lake by Helicopter is a Wild Sight

If there’s one thing that never really crossed my mind until it was put in front of me, it was how exactly lakes are stocked. Of course, most of us have heard of the concept of stocking a lake with fish but the actual logistics of getting that job done is something that I think I can speak for most of us when I say it’s something that just doesn’t cross the mind.

Now, certainly, there are likely several different ways to get this job done. In this particular example, though, we check in with a job that is done with the help of a helicopter and we’re definitely happy that we did.

Now, while the visual might just look like a helicopter dropping a bunch of fish into a lake for the heck of it, it turns out that there is a precise science behind the whole process. In fact, the folks who invest themselves in this line of work seem to know everything from how high to drop fish from for the best possible survival rate all the way to why they need to keep ice in the water to prevent stress with the fish.

This time, we take a ride with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department as they give us an idea of exactly how a practice like this is done and what it all looks like.

After following along with the video below, we think that you’ll probably know more about the process of stocking a lake than you ever thought you would. Oh yeah, and another bonus is that the next time that you see a bunch of fish being dropped out of a helicopter, you’ll feel no need for alarm because you have this awesome piece of party trivia that you can break out and impress all of your friends with.