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Florida Man Plows Through Flooded Road With C8 Corvette (He Submerged It!)

With something like a brand new Chevrolet Corvette, lots of owners of these cars won’t even take their ride out in the rain. Gearheads like us sometimes have a particular set of rules in order to keep our cars in the best condition. However, not everybody who purchases one of these machines thinks on the same wavelength.

In fact, some individuals are on an entirely different planet than the vast majority of not only the Corvette owning population but also the rest of the world’s population.

In a recent set of viral videos that have been sourced to Florida, of course, a person behind the wheel of a brand new Corvette decided to take it scuba diving.

Following a tropical storm in south Florida, lots of water was left behind. Typically, behind the wheel of a Corvette, one wouldn’t try to take on a deep puddle. However, for this driver, quitting wasn’t an option and because of that the scene was rather sketchy.

When faced with the incredibly deep puddle, the Corvette would keep on moving forward.

It’s not exactly clear if the driver really knew how deep the puddle was before tackling it – the water rose all the way up to the windshield at the deepest point. However, that didn’t change the fact that it seems as if the individual behind the wheel was plenty confident in the ability of the American-made mid-engine supercar to take on the deep water.

Don’t worry, though… he made sure to throw on his windshield wipers.

As the Corvette trudged forward, we feared for the worst.

Certainly, with the air intake being so low to the ground on one of these bad boys, it would have to hydro lock the engine, right? Not only did the engine manage to survive through the deep water. It doesn’t appear as if the driver even stopped to think twice about it after conquering this miniature lake in the middle of the road.

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