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Ford F100 Trophy Truck “Barely Street Legal” Throwing Down!!

When the Ford F-100 was first introduced, its purpose was solely focused on getting work done. These trucks were not known for luxury or speed, but rather for their reliability in transporting materials and workers to job sites. However, as time has passed, we’ve witnessed the evolution of pickup trucks that combine both luxury and speed right on the dealership lot, while also seeing older models being repurposed in ways their original creators never imagined possible.

In this case, we take a look at a Ford F-100, or rather its body, which has been given a new life with the capabilities of an off-road monster. Just imagine the looks of the Ford assembly line workers back in 1971 if they could see what their creation has turned into!

Originally a Toyota Tundra, this truck underwent a major transformation after being rolled over in off-road racing. After this crunch, the machine received the classic facade of an old-school Ford, thanks to a combination of a Ford front end and cab, along with a plethora of custom modifications and off-the-shelf bed sides. In other words, it’s basically a custom built rig with a Ford cab bolted on. The cool part is that if this one ever gets crushed, it can basically be unbolted and replaced as well.

Under the hood of this beast lies a 454 LSX engine, capable of producing an impressive 750 horsepower at the crank. Considering the truck weighs only 5,800 pounds, this power output is truly enough to make the truck get up and go!

In the video below, courtesy of YouTube creator AutotopiaLA, we are taken on a tour of this menacing machine. Surprisingly, due to a smog exemption, the truck is technically registered as a 1971 Ford F-100, making it street legal… although just barely.

Take a closer look at this unique creation and witness how it pushes the boundaries of what a pickup truck can be.