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Ford Tops the List of Most Recalled Vehicles in 2022

Automotive recalls are incredibly important. Even though automotive manufacturing across-the-board has become incredibly good these days, nobody is perfect. Therefore, when a brand sends out a model that might not be up to snuff, they are sure to issue a recall to ensure that they can inspect the suspected vehicles that might be broken and repair them if necessary. Not only is it the right thing to do, it avoids major lawsuits down the road.

Recalls happen all the time but it just so happens that in 2022, Ford was the most frequently mentioned name in the recall pool.

In fact, the brand issued a total of 67 recalls this year, says the NHTSA. Volkswagen came in second on this list that nobody wants to be a part of with a total of 45 recalls. Third, we find Daimler Truck (responsible for Freightliner and other commercial brands) with 42 and Stellantis with 38.

With more electronics and other tech finding their way onboard vehicles, there’s going to be a natural learning curve and with this, we will always see vehicles being recalled.

For Ford, 12 of these 67 recalls have to do with the powertrain. Other common faults include “back over protection” which relates to the sensors to help drivers navigate backward without hitting anything or anyone. The brand’s biggest recall of the year had the potential impact of 2.9 million vehicles and involved in unintentional rollaway is due to the shift cable detaching, according to the DOT DataHub.

When it comes to the time of year for the rankings in different categories to come out, I’m sure that no automaker wants to be synonymous with having the most recalls. However, it’s kind of hard to judge a brand for something like this because when push comes to shove, we would rather have them air on the safe side and recall as many vehicles as possible if there’s some sort of potential issue instead of living dangerously to avoid a list like this.