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Funniest and Craziest Motorsports Moments of 2022

During the course of a race, we never truly know what’s going to happen. Sure, on paper, the odds might say one thing but when push comes to shove, there is definitely a reason that racers get out there and get to work and that the race isn’t one on paper. Literally anything can happen and just when we thought that we might’ve seen it all, another spectacular display comes out of left field and surprises us.

From crazy finishes to insane wrecks and everything in between, spectators absolutely never know what’s coming in the process of such a competition. Sometimes, we even watch as unprecedented events unfold, delivering the story of a lifetime to spectators who are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time when some sort of insanity unfolds in front of their eyes.

This time, as the clock has struck 2023, we find a time to look back over some of the things that have happened over this past year and we have to say that it was a wild one. In this particular compilation video, we get to see some of the funny and crazy motorsports moments that interrupted the action in 2022.

With the video below, we got a bit of a tour of the world, taking on all sorts of different formats of racing. The one thing that all of these sequences have in common, though, is that the situation involved isn’t your typical race. Instead, things went off the rails in one way or another, giving us a number moments that you definitely don’t see every day. While we wouldn’t necessarily say that this is the main reason that we tune in on race day, situations like this definitely keep spectators glued to their screens, wondering what exactly is going to happen next.

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