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What REALLY Happened in Ford V Ferrari? (The Real Story vs the Movie)

When it comes to creating a movie based on a real-life event, there is a fine line to be observed. On one hand, if somebody were to create a film designed to be entertaining and just recreated everything that really happened, scene for scene, the film would probably be incredibly dull. No matter how great a story is, most of the time, it’s not going to be critically acclaimed unless a filmmaker steps in and takes some creative liberties, sprinkling some “razzle dazzle” on it, if you will.

However, there is a line to be crossed when getting creative makes things a little bit too far from reality. Sure, filmmakers want to spice things up a little bit to make sure that their audience is intently focused on the action. However, once they go too far, they lose the essence of the story and might as well not even base the film on a real-life story at all.

This time, we dive into the reality behind the Ford vs Ferrari film. Of course, the film outlines a real-life rivalry that formed decades ago in the 60s when a real-life “David and Goliath” story unfolded in front of spectators’ eyes. The sheer willpower of Ford and Carroll Shelby to be able to overcome a standing superpower in Ferrari is an iconic story in and of itself. That being said, filmmakers did spice things up a little bit when it came time to put this story on the silver screen.

Below, JoBlo Originals dives into the true story behind the movie and those instances that might be a little bit of a twist on the actual story. As it turns out, most of the storytelling here is right on par with the actual events. Sometimes, though, a little bit of Hollywood magic never hurt anyone and Ford vs Ferrari is no stranger to that concept!

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