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Funny Halloween Truck Makes Motorists “Honk for a Treat”

One of the things that we just so happen to love very much about the Halloween holiday is that it gives everybody a chance to be a kid again. I’m not saying that we’re all going out there and dressing up like ghosts and knocking on doors for candy. However, as we partake in the festivities, it gives us all a moment to take a quick break from real life end join in something spooky. With that said, I personally can’t wait until the calendar hits October and the leaves start to fall!

Some people might even take it so far as to decorate their vehicles when spooky season comes around.

This time, we check in with an individual who has taken spooky season pretty seriously. The driver of this Ford F-150 has mounted a little bit of a Halloween decoration on the tailgate of the truck. However, the owner of this truck took things to a different level entirely. Instead of just mounting a skeleton there that doesn’t really do anything, it seems as if he equipped it with a little bit of a feature that gives other folks in traffic a little bit of a laugh as well.

On the back of the truck is displayed a sign that says “Honk for a treat.” When other drivers honk, the surprise is that the skeleton has been hooked up with what appears to be a windshield washer. The illusion here is that once a button is pushed inside, it appears as if the skeleton begins to unleash a stream from in between its bony legs, giving away a “free car wash,” if you will.

This is definitely a fun practical joke if we do say so ourselves and definitely something that spices up the season a bit. We can’t help but love when people get creative like this!