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GEICO is Being Sued Over STD Contracted in Back Seat of a Car

Every once in a while, we see a story pop up that we just can’t help but sink our teeth into. This time, it seems as if the story really stretches out the definition of “sue happy” and might make you slowly lose your faith in humanity.

In this case, we learn all about a woman who decided that she wanted to sue her former lover because he knowingly gave her an STD. As if that wasn’t enough, the woman tried to go after the man’s car insurance company because she says this STD was contracted in the back of his 2014 Hyundai Genesis.

Of course, as any levelheaded human being would conclude, that insurance company, GEICO, decided that they would deny this insurance claim. Even if it were possible to somehow sue a car insurance company for something like this, GEICO basically said that their coverage would cover the normal use of a vehicle which didn’t seem to apply here.

Now, just because you, I, or anyone else might think that something is obvious is neither here nor there. It would end up being the job of the courts to determine who was actually correct when it came to the legal mumbo-jumbo. Apparently, in the first decision by the first court to hear the case, they would order the insurer to actually pay the woman $5.2 million according to the Associated Press.

However, later in the process, Missouri Supreme Court ruled unanimously to overturn this lower court’s ruling. The case would then be sent back down to lower courts for further dissection.

At the end of this all, it doesn’t exactly seem like this woman is going to end up with the big juicy settlement that she probably had hoped for. Below, LegalEagle, dives into this situation to spell out what exactly happened and what the likelihood of an insurance payout is.