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GM Gen 5 LT vs Ford Coyote – Which is Better and Why?

One of the oldest battles in the automotive community is also one of our favorites. It seems like it has been forever since Ford and Chevrolet have been clashing with one another to try and be the best in certain areas. Whether it’s pickup trucks or muscle cars, it seems as if one has had an answer for the other every step of the way.

When Ford comes out with the Mustang, GM retorts with the Camaro and it has been a back-and-forth ever since. When GM manages to get a little bit of an edge in horsepower, Ford strikes back and comes out with a more powerful platform of its own. As much as each camp here might not be so fond of the other, it’s hard to deny the fact that competition like this is what really keeps the community evolving and alive.

When it comes to making power, some of the most recent options from each camp are GM’s Gen 5 LT engine and Ford’s Coyote power plant. While there has been a pretty clear winner over the years between Chevrolet and Ford, it really seems like each brand is firing on all cylinders, bringing to the table a couple of really good options that are closer than the opposition might be willing to admit.

At the end of the day, it could be really hard to go wrong but is one of these choices better than the other for those looking to make some power?

This time, the folks over at Auto Guild do an incredibly deep dive to outline both of these engines and what each one of them is best at. From block strength to engine weight and even the technology onboard, this video really covers it all. We get a feeling that, if you’re looking to build a car with one of these engines at the heart, the video below will tell you all that you ever need to know and more.

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