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GM’s Design Team Released a Rendering That Might Just be the Next Denali Pickup

For those who have been lurking around on Instagram looking for entertaining accounts to follow to find a gem here and there, we have to admit that the General Motors Design Team IG is a relatively interesting account to check in with from time to time.

While it seems like maybe this is a corner of the community that would like to keep its progress under wraps sometimes, we’ve noticed that GM’s design team has no issue showing off some of it’s future design concepts ahead of time.

One might think that an account like this would be used for some of the throwaway designs. Anyone who has ever seen a concept car knows that major automakers can create some really exaggerated designs that will likely not make it to market for decades, if ever. However, one of the cool things about this particular account is that some of the imagery they post is incredibly close to the vehicles that end up seeing the streets.

In this particular case, we check in with a rendering that is from the year 2020. However, it lays out a version of the GMC Sierra Denali that looks incredibly close to something that we could certainly see rolling around on the streets in the near future.


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With the use of some trick looking lighting and an oversized impressive grill with the “Denali” spell-out across the front, we find an aggressive design that certainly offers a lot of presence. It seems like this sort of in-your-face theme that almost looks a little bit menacing is something that a lot of truck owners have been seeking out recently.

Below, we check out the video of the 2023 Sierra Denali HD dually that shows off some of the features that have already been borrowed from this rendering. It leads us to wonder which ones we might be seeing as the timeline continues.