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Grandpa’s Volvo Wagon Makes the Perfect 1000 HP Sleeper

There’s something about a sleeper car that can really turn heads without turning heads if you know what I’m saying. If you don’t, I can explain.

Sure, to pretty much everybody on the highway, an old Volvo station wagon is going to look like, well, an old Volvo station wagon that doesn’t do much besides blend in, get good fuel economy, and provide a ton of room for groceries. However, when the hood gets popped at the local car meet or the driver lays into that long, skinny pedal on the right on this particular Volvo, we quickly find out that this isn’t just any typical Volvo at all.

YouTube creator, Gingium, decided that he wanted to put together such as sinister build with the help of such an old-school Volvo. Complete with a rusty old back bumper and some skinny tires, the car really doesn’t look like much. Under the hood, though, we find some turbo LS power that’s ready to do business. This isn’t just any turbo build, though, as the creator is shooting for 4 digits of horsepower!

The sound that the custom creation makes when that throttle cracks open is something that we are sure will leave tons of jaws on the floor. The juxtaposition of how this thing performs versus how it looks is one that will most certainly create quite a stir.

With a collection of videos below, we check in with the car that our host looks to get 1000 hp out of. When it finally does hit the dyno, the initial numbers come out to 700 hp at the tires. It does seem like the owner might have his heart set on 1000 hp eventually so maybe, in time, we will see even more power!

In either case, whether it stays at 700 hp or proceeds, this thing is going to be one heck of a sleeper.