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Hear us Out – This is Why Rolls-Royce Cars Actually Justify Being so RIDICULOUSLY Expensive

There are plenty of situations out there where consumers are simply paying for a name tag. Let’s just say that certain companies are really good at convincing the people who buy their products that the company itself is somehow superior to the rest when, in really, it’s nothing more than a badge or logo that differentiates this company from the rest.

When it comes to buying a high-end luxury car, though, is this the case, or do buyers really get something for all the money that they’re spending?

I think that a lot of people, including myself sometimes, end up being guilty of thinking that some of these high-dollar cars are simply more expensive because of the brand that they are associated with. While there is definitely equity involved in the pricing of a Rolls-Royce (and you’re definitely paying for that brand equity), there are definitely some things that the casual bystander might not realize that also contribute to making these cars so expensive.

For starters, Rolls-Royce won’t even really discuss their base price because the brand has been built upon offering what they called “bespoke” options for customers. In other words, these buyers will find value in everything from completely custom paint that Rolls-Royce won’t even refer to as paint. Instead, the “surface finishing,” as they refer to it, will literally take any color idea that the customer has and create a unique finish with it. The customer then owns this custom color and can decide if it’s allowed to be used again or not.

From there, we find everything from sound deadening to the utmost in luxury that attempts to give the buyer everything. Typically, while shopping for a car, buyers are very cost-conscious. This might mean that a lot of manufacturers aren’t offering certain options because it just doesn’t make sense for most people. However, Rolls-Royce can afford to offer these options and truly customize them to each individual customer.

By following along with the video below from Business Insider we get the true rundown on what sets a company like Rolls-Royce apart. Now, I guess that at the end of the day, deciding if a car is worth the purchase price or not is something that will always be subjective. However, at least Rolls takes a shot at explaining what makes their cars worth the ask.

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