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Hennessey Takes an 807 HP Challenger Super Stock to the Next Level (1000 HP!)

When it comes down to it, we have to say that we are incredibly impressed by the offerings from Dodge when it comes to high-performance vehicles over the past half decade or so. Just when the brand seemed to be fading in popularity on the performance front, along came a supercharged monster named the Hellcat. With a solid foundation, the Hellcat architecture would be built upon to create cars like the Demon and the Super Stock.

While the Super Stock hasn’t exactly gotten its name rolling as much as some of its predecessors yet, it is all that Hellcat cars have to offer and then some. The performance factor really speaks for itself.

Under the hood, we find 807 hp for those who are really looking to push the limits. While Dodge pledged that they wouldn’t make a Demon again, with the Super Stock, we find that they couldn’t help themselves but make something with a ton of horsepower.

However, even though a car like this is an absolute monster, there is usually going to be a little something left on the table. Even for a machine that’s more powerful than 99% of what you’ll find on public roadways, performance enthusiasts can’t help themselves but turn it up a little bit.

One example of such a package that can help on that front comes to us from Hennessy Performance who has a knack for taking brand new cars and making them even better than the factory could.

Hennessey tells us “Dodge’s 807-HP Challenger SRT Super Stock is already pretty powerful. Of course, Hennessey takes it to the next level. With our HPE1000 performance upgrade, this vehicle lays down 810 rear wheel HP (110 RWHP over stock) and 732 rear wheel lb-ft of torque (84 RWTQ over stock) on our Dynojet chassis dyno. This upgrade is expertly installed, diligently calibrated, and supported by world-class customer service and Hennessey’s 2 Year/24,000 Mile Limited Warranty.”

By following along with the video below, we get to see a Super Stock turned up! Not only do we get to hear the roaring sound of this bad boy as it drives. We also get the chance to check it out on the dyno.