Here’s How 10,000 HP Can Snap a Dragster in HALF!

Saying that top fuel dragsters are fast is the understatement of the century. In ...

Saying that top fuel dragsters are fast is the understatement of the century. In fact, we don’t think that someone is doing them much justice by trying to explain just how fast they are. While some give it a shot, it’s pretty hard to wrap your mind around just how much power 10,000 hp is and what it means to be able to travel faster than some fighter jets while still on the ground.

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Instead, the only way to really grapple with how powerful and fast these machines are is to see them in action. However, we think that one example of their sheer power might be the second-best piece of evidence to do a little bit of explaining.

One of those pieces of evidence is the fact that the 10,000 hp onboard is enough to completely destroy the structure of such a car. Thousands upon thousands of dollars might be dumped into constructing the chassis. However, at a moment’s notice, the sheer power behind such a machine can crunch it to pieces. Now, we know that these things are long and skinny which might lead some to reason that perhaps they will be easier to break. However, countless years of engineering to make them strong says otherwise.

This time, though, thanks to Driver61 on YouTube, we got a dig into exactly what it is that can cause these monstrous machines to self-destruct right in front of our very own eyes. It takes a lot of horsepower to destroy a purpose-built chassis. However, if there’s one thing that’s definitely up to the task of destroying such a chassis, it’s the power source propelling a top fuel dragster. After checking this one out, we think that a lot of folks might just have a new appreciation for what exactly these machines are capable of.

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