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Here’s the Real Reason Why the Plymouth Prowler Only Lasted Five Years

Sometimes, we see ideas pop up in the automotive landscape and we can’t help but wonder why they never quite made it.

Either these ideas were presented as concept cars that never actually made it to the production line or maybe they did get so far as the production line before being bounced from dealership lots and rejected by the public. In either case, we can’t help but wonder what the thought process was behind either launching the car or keeping it out of the public’s hands entirely, depending on the example.

In this particular case, the ride in question is none other than the Plymouth Prowler – an oddity, no doubt. If we take a look back over the automotive history books, this might’ve been one of the more obscure examples of an attempt at a muscle car.

No, it’s not just because the car featured a V6 instead of a V8 which was a controversial decision at the time. Instead, the machine finds its way onto the Mount Rushmore of automotive obscurity because of its odd appearance. This thing almost looked more like a boat than it did something that should see the streets. All these years later, we can look back at its existence and finally have some answers to all of the questions that people certainly had at the time.

Below, we check in with the My Old Car YouTube channel as they observe the model that only lasted for five years. The halo car was originally designed to save the brand, according to our host. However, as we know now, the offering just wasn’t good enough to keep Plymouth around for the long haul. This video attempts to dive into all of the obscurity that is the prowler and take it apart, piece by piece, in what ends up becoming quite an interesting case study.