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Here’s What’s New With the 2024 Nissan GT-R That… Looks the Same

The automotive world has been looking at the same Nissan GT-R since December 2007. That’s right, the same generation of car has lasted some 16 years. Over that same period of time, we have seen three generations of both Chevrolet Corvette and Ford Mustang come along. In fact, the R35 GT-R came out right around the same time as the first ever iPhone which means that 14 generations of Apple tech have gone by as well.

Nevertheless, at Nissan corporate, it seems as if their numbers align in such a way as to not incentivize them to completely overhaul the model. There has been talking of the brand breathing new life into its performance flagship. However, with the unveiling of the 2024 GT-R, we see a lot of the same.

While the body lines remain consistent and someone who isn’t an enthusiast might not know the difference, somebody relatively familiar with the world of cars might be able to distinguish the 2024 model from the pack. Features like a facelift upfront including a different grill and fog lights along with a couple of additions out back like a larger wing and a new rear diffuser give the car a little bit more modern look.

Essentially, though, from a looks perspective, this is just a spiced-up version of the same car that we saw back in 2007.

As our hosts at TFLnow put it, it feels like what a brand might do in a mid-cycle refresh. However, unless the same generation is slated to go until 2039, we would say that we are far beyond mid-cycle. Who knows, though? Nobody expected the car to stick around this many years without being replaced by a new generation so perhaps it’ll keep on keeping on.

In the video below, we get an outline of everything that one can expect with the new Godzilla.