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YouTube Diver Shows Off Best Finds of the Year Including 28 iPhones, Apple Watches, and More

Lurking in the waterways of America and abroad, there are endless goodies to be found. It just takes a keen sense of where to look and a little bit of luck to come up with some pretty awesome things. Some of these finds in the deep are nothing more than lost junk. Others, though, can be big pieces to puzzles that have been forgotten about over the years. At times, there are even crime situations that can be solved with a piece that is brought up from the depths of creeks, rivers, and lakes. Other times, we’re even treated to situations that are akin to finding a real-life treasure.

One of the most popular diving YouTubers who has become synonymous with these treasure hunts is none other than DALLMYD. Over the years, he has amassed over 12 million subscribers who can’t wait to tune in and see exactly what this diver is going to find next. Let’s just say that he has led viewers on some wild goose chases that require a bucket of popcorn to watch.

As his yearly tradition, the end of 2020 would be called for another video that shows off some of the best finds that he had collected throughout the year. Within, we find everything from iPhones to Apple watches, and even a couple of weapons are thrown in the mix as well. You never really know what you’re going to find lurking down there in the deep.

By following along with the video below, we get to check in with the action from throughout the year. It’s simply amazing to see some of the links that have been reconnected thanks to the treasures found by this dedicated diver. The wild thing is that naturally, this is just a small fraction of the treasure that lurks beneath the surface of the water. Who knows what kind of unsolved mysteries are lurking, just waiting to be found?

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