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Hiring Locksmiths to Break Into a Home With an Unpickable Lock

If there’s one thing that technology is going to strive to replace, it’s locked that can be picked. It seems like no matter how complicated a consumer locking mechanism might be, none of them are really unpickable. Sure, a more expensive and complex lock may provide a little bit more of an obstacle. However, people on YouTube like the Lock Picking Lawyer have shown us that no matter what brand is behind a lock, there’s pretty much a way to get into a mechanism with a keyhole or combination.

This time, though, we check in with an individual who attempted to create a lock that is unpickable. In a complete dissection of how these locks work, our host explains to us the challenges to coming up with such a design. It seems like there is a lot that goes into these sorts of things and tons of money is surely spent in developing them.

When our host finally does come up with a design that he’s happy with, he calls in the troops to try and bust his design. If there’s anything that’s going to prove that the lock is truly unpickable, it’s calling a locksmith who specializes in picking locks to see if he can get it open or not.

When the locksmith showed up, he was definitely prepared and had lots of different processes in order to try and pop this lock open. Down in the video below, you can see it all for yourself and if this locksmith was able to get to the bottom of the design of the unit or not.

At the end of the day, our host seems to insist that, whether the lock is unpickable or not, the real solution to having a lock that’s pretty close to impossible to break into is grabbing one that’s electronic with no holes.

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