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Honoring the POWER SKID

Over the years the standard burnout has evolved into something else called a skid in different parts of the world and in areas like New Zealand and Australia the Power skid has taken over and has become what some say is a sport.

Big Power, Big Blowers and Small Tires



The Definition – An automobile skid is an automobile handling condition where one or more tires are slipping relative to the road, and the overall handling of the vehicle has been affected.

Subtypes of skid include:

– fishtailing, where the vehicle yaws back and forth across the direction of motion.
– spin or spinout where a vehicle rotates in one direction during the skid.
– understeer and oversteer where front or rear wheels lose traction during cornering, causing a vehicle to follow a larger or smaller turning radius.
– Burnout where a vehicle slips or spins its tires during acceleration.
– skidding during braking (with or without directional or yaw changes).

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