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How Not to Handle a Traffic Stop – Lady Has a Meltdown Over Texting and Driving

When it comes to driving, I think that most of us can admit that from time to time, we commit minor infractions. If we ever find ourselves being pulled over by a police officer for such an infraction, it’s crucial to take a moment to reflect on our actions and recognize the potential danger it poses to public safety.

One common infraction that many drivers are guilty of is using their phones while behind the wheel. This behavior is undeniably unsafe, and it’s important for those who partake to take accountability for it and reflect on the consequences from time to time.

In a recent incident captured on police body camera footage, we witnessed a prime example of what not to do when encountering a police officer in such a situation. Right from the beginning of the video, it became evident just how hazardous such an act can be as the driver of an SUV was so engrossed in her phone that she was oblivious to the fact that a police officer was standing right next to her car.

When she finally looked up and noticed the officer, instead of admitting her mistake, she shockingly denied his allegations of using her phone while driving, despite the officer witnessing the entire incident. Her response was far from mature.

Rather than showing remorse, the woman resorted to screaming insults at the officer, a behavior that is unlikely to garner any favor with law enforcement. Consequently, the officer promptly pulled her over and issued a ticket, informing her that he would see her in court.

Regardless of personal opinions on whether texting and driving should be a ticketable offense, it’s undeniable that this incident, caught on camera, serves as a textbook example of how not to behave when pulled over by a police officer.