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How One Original Fast & Furious Car Was Purposely Crushed

When “The Fast and the Furious” first revved onto screens, few could have predicted the cultural phenomenon it would become. Yet, as the years have passed, this franchise has etched itself into the fabric of car culture, evolving into an icon in its own right.

Naturally, with such monumental success, everything associated with the franchise has skyrocketed in value. The lore surrounding these films has elevated each movie car seen on screen to a coveted status, with some of the vehicles driven by the leading characters fetching seven-figure sums for lucky owners. If you want to talk about good investments, these machines have proven to be just that over time.

However, in the immediate aftermath of the film’s release, the full extent of its impact on culture and history was not immediately clear. Consequently, some of the cars featured on-screen found themselves shuffled around, lacking the reverence they command today.

One such memorable car is Letty’s Nissan 240SX, a vehicle that may not have enjoyed extensive screen time but left a lasting impression nonetheless. Fans may find themselves wondering about the fate of this iconic machine.

Regrettably, the truth is not a pleasant one. To portray this singular car, they constructed three separate vehicles. Designated as stunt cars, two vehicles played that role, while the third, the hero car, had the most screen time and striking visuals.

In the following video, Craig Lieberman sheds light on the fate of these machines. While the stunt cars found themselves repurposed, remodeled, and shuffled between productions, even making appearances in the sequel “2 Fast 2 Furious,” the hero car met a far less glamorous end—it was ultimately sent to the crusher.

Through Lieberman’s insights, “Fast” fans gain a deeper understanding of the intricate history behind these iconic vehicles and the journeys they undertook both on and off the screen.