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Visting the Largest Fast & Furious Movie Car Collections in the WORLD!

In certain films and film franchises, cars can become as iconic as the actors themselves. This holds particularly true in the Fast & Furious universe, where many fans have developed a deep admiration for the vehicles showcased on screen. One might even call it an emotional attachment.

Over time, as the franchise has progressed, it’s relatively widely agreed that the films and the cars featured in them have become somewhat less memorable. However, in the early additions to the series, there are certain cars that have left an indelible mark on viewers’ hearts, creating lasting impressions that enthusiasts will carry with them for a lifetime. These iconic cars from the first few films have even influenced the market, enticing enthusiasts to open their wallets and purchase the very models they saw on screen.

Years later, a dedicated community of Fast & Furious fans continues to keep the flame alive, driving up the value of the original vehicles featured in the films to unprecedented heights.

In this episode, we join Craig Lieberman, the individual responsible for handling the technical details in the early stages of the franchise. He has since grown a successful YouTube channel dedicated to the Fast & Furious series and car culture in general. In this particular episode, Lieberman takes us on a captivating journey through some of the largest collections related to this beloved franchise. While some car locations are well-known, others are tucked away in obscure warehouses in countries you may have never heard of. These nondescript locations house multi-million-dollar collections of movie cars, making the discovery all the more entertaining.

We highly recommend watching the video below to accompany us on this fascinating adventure, guided by Lieberman himself who is the encyclopedia of Fast & Furious knowledge. Prepare to be enthralled by the impressive car collections showcased and the stories behind them.