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How Safe Is Diving Into the Abyss in a Private Submersible?

A couple of months ago, the world watched in horror as Titan, a submersible designed to view the wreckage of the Titanic, tragically imploded, claiming the lives of its passengers as a rescue mission attempted to find the ship as oxygen supply was depleting. This devastating incident left many wondering if it spelled the end of submarine travel as we knew it. Surely, such a high-profile tragedy would cast a long shadow over the industry.

In an effort to assess the safety of submarine travel in the aftermath of this tragedy, Inside Edition embarked on an investigative journey. They headed to privately owned Walker’s Cay Island to explore another submarine operation, shedding light on the safety protocols and technology behind it.

Unlike Titan, which ventured into deeper waters, the $3.5 million Triton featured in this video doesn’t dive as profoundly. The exploration begins with a 183-foot-long Axis exploratory ship that hosts Triton. The video offers a peek inside this vessel before taking viewers beneath the ocean’s surface. Here, Triton sets out on a mission to locate sunken Spanish ships and their valuable cargo, reminiscent of a modern-day treasure hunt.

Throughout the video from Inside Edition, the owner of the sub discusses the safety features of the submersible and the associated risks. The prevailing sentiment is that any form of diving, whether free diving or in a submarine, inherently carries risks that proper safety protocol can help mitigate. However, the owner expresses confidence in the long-standing safety track record, emphasizing that with the right precautions, submersible travel can be relatively safe.

This exploration of Triton’s operations serves as a reminder that, despite the inherent dangers, submersible technology has come a long way and continues to provide a window into the depths of our oceans, promising both adventure and discovery while maintaining a commitment to safety.