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Search and Rescue Underway for Titanic Tourist Submarine

The search is underway for tourists who have gotten lost in the Atlantic Ocean, specifically in the area where the Titanic sunk.

Even after all these years, people remain captivated by the iconic shipwreck made famous by the 1997 Blockbuster film about the ship’s wreck. Eager to catch a glimpse of history, thrill-seekers have shown that they’re willing to pay a hefty price to descend and explore the wreckage.

Taking advantage of this widespread interest, a company called OceanGate Expeditions has launched a unique service offering submarine tours to view the Titanic on the ocean floor. On the most recent expedition, a group of five individuals ventured 13,000 feet below the surface to witness the awe-inspiring remnants of the ship. However, the submarine carrying them has since gone missing, sparking frantic efforts by authorities to locate the vessel.

The company responsible for the sub relays that their vessel has a survival capacity of 96 hours, providing a significant window of safety in case of any mishap. As of Tuesday afternoon, around 1 PM EST, the vessel had approximately 40 to 41 hours remaining, assuming it had not resurfaced already.

The Boston Coast Guard has initiated a comprehensive search and rescue mission 400 miles off the coast of Newfoundland. Speculation suggests that the submarine might have inadvertently gotten too close and become entangled with the wreckage, potentially offering the best chance of locating it promptly.

Due to the tumultuous weather conditions in the region, this was the sole scheduled dive of the year. Unfavorable climate patterns have prevented further tours to the Titanic wreckage, making this incident all the more significant.

In the accompanying report from Inside Edition, more details emerge about this once-thrilling tourism experience that quickly turned terrifying ordeal. The video sheds light on the unfolding events and on the efforts underway to locate the missing submarine.

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