Is Hyundai Capable of Making a “Real Truck?” We Will Find Out Later This Year

For as long as we’ve known the Hyundai brand, they have always kind of worked ...

For as long as we’ve known the Hyundai brand, they have always kind of worked toward cars with economy-centric designs. In other words, Hyundai’s market niche is delivering vehicles that are inexpensive to purchase and to own. It really seems like their focus is on reliability, fuel efficiency, and low purchase price above everything else.

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However, that isn’t to say that the brand isn’t making strides in other areas as well. Even someone like myself who is a devout American car enthusiast can see that Hyundai has come an incredibly long way in terms of quality. In fact, hopping inside of some of these things, they might even be comparable to higher-end luxury vehicles if you option them out properly.

In fact, Hyundai appears to want to hop into the other segments as well. This time, we check in with a feature from The Fast Lane that takes in everything that there is to know about the 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz.

With the model, the brand chooses to advertise it as more of a “sport adventure vehicle” but I can’t help but think that this thing looks like the first step that the brand could take into getting into pickup trucks. After all, the pickup truck segment is just so hot these days that we can’t help but wonder why certain brands wouldn’t put a little bit more focus on it. Maybe that’s what Hyundai is planning to do here.

So, after checking in with the video below, be sure to tell us what you think of the Santa Cruz. Is this just a fun off-road cruiser with a small pickup truck bed or could it mean bigger things are coming for the brand? Honestly, it would be pretty exciting to see a new full-size pickup truck make its way to market but I guess that we’re getting ahead of ourselves with that one.

For now, let’s just sink our teeth into the Santa Cruz to see what it’s all about.

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