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Indianapolis Motor Speedway Promises to Replace Spectator’s Car Smashed by a Flying Wheel

Last weekend’s Indy 500 not only made headlines due to the iconic race itself but also because of a remarkable incident that unfolded during the event. The intense competition took an unexpected turn when Kyle Kirkwood, one of the competitors, flipped his car upside down after colliding with Felix Rosenqvist. Fortunately, both drivers emerged from the wreckage unharmed. However, the incident took an even more alarming twist when Kirkwood’s car lost a wheel, launching it over the grandstands, narrowly missing spectators in what could have been a highly dangerous situation.

Thankfully, no one in the vicinity was harmed. Instead, a substantial amount of property damage reared its head. Robin Matthews, a spectator who had driven her Chevrolet Cruze to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, unfortunately found herself in an unfortunate position. The rogue wheel struck her car directly on the driver’s side headlight, causing significant damage that rendered the vehicle undriveable.

As a result, Matthews had to arrange for her car to be towed home since it was leaking fluids. While one might assume that insurance would cover the damages, convincing them of the extraordinary circumstances could prove to be a challenge. Fortunately, Matthews wouldn’t have to face that situation.

Instead, a spokesperson for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway later confirmed that the track would take responsibility for replacing Matthews’ vehicle, acknowledging the damage inflicted during the freak accident.

In conclusion, last weekend’s Indy 500 not only showcased the thrilling nature of the race itself but also reminded us just how dangerous racing can be. While Kirkwood’s upside-down flip and the subsequent flying wheel narrowly avoided causing harm to spectators, a couple of feet in another direction could leave this story with a much more fatal tone. We also must note that such a freak accident doesn’t seem to be the fault of the facility, either as preventing such a catastrophe would be nearly impossible.

Fortunately, though, it seems as if luck was on the side of everyone at IMS on that day.