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Ingenious Inventions That Every Mechanic Needs in Their Tool Belt

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on June 16, 2022

As we find our way around the garage, eventually, every mechanically inclined person finds out that a job will go a lot easier if they have the right set of tools. For many of us, in our early days, figuring out how to do things without having the money to buy the right set of tools can be a struggle. However, as we go on and add to the collection, eventually, one might be able to say that they have a tool for just about any job that life might throw at them. They might even have some very specialty-oriented tools that can get very specific jobs done.

In fact, it feels like all the time we are seeing new kinds of inventions hit store shelves. Some of these things just seem like great ideas and end up being awful in practice, effectively just acting as time and money wasters. Others, though, that make it to the arsenal, become tools that are absolutely indispensable in the long run.

This time, we check in with a variety of inventions for auto repair shops. Some of these might be familiar but others may just be inventions that raise an eyebrow or two and could even make some who watch this video think that they just simply have to add one or two things to their own garage. Life would just be so much simpler with some of these gadgets.

From a simple toolbox bench combo to systems used for bodywork and even a drill-powered lift that can be rolled around and moved by hand, this video shows us a little bit of something for everybody. We can’t necessarily say that we would cosign every single invention here. But there definitely is some genius in this video that we have never seen before.

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