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Is All Motor Oil the Same? Four Levels of Pennzoil Motor Oil Compared

When we’re talking about just about any product that one might buy, there’s a good chance that the marketing behind it has a heavy influence on the consumer decision-making process. Whether it’s picking out a product in the grocery store or the parts store, lots of promises in marketing can sway one to make a choice in one direction or the other.

This is a concept that is especially prevalent in the motor oil industry. With all sorts of different products out there, there seems to be an oil for just about every single application. Each brand and product makes its own promises in regard to what the product does well. It’s also a realm where there is an option for a basic and cheap alternative to some of these more expensive motor oils that make high-performance promises with different additives and detergents.

So, is there any real difference between basic motor oil and some of the more fancy and expensive products? After all, it all looks the same so theoretically, it could be the same or close to it.

This time, the Project Farm YouTube channel picks up a range of products from the Pennzoil family to see if there’s any real difference between each of the four different levels of oil. The test takes on cold viscosity, engine wear, thermal breakdown, and lab tests to see just how much difference it really makes from one oil to the next.

The video below gives us the range of tests that gets to the bottom of this motor oil dilemma at least as it applies to Pennzoil. So, is it worth bringing that premium product when it comes to oil or will the basic and nondescript alternative do? With comparisons like these, our host is saving tons of people money every day.