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Jeep 4XE Recalled Due to Sudden Engine Shut off While Driving

The somewhat new Jeep Wrangler 4XE explores the combination of hybrid power with the Jeep Wrangler architecture that we all know and love. The combination of fuel savings from electric power and the reliability of a combustion-powered engine is almost too good to deny. However, owners of 2021-2023 models might need to head to the dealer soon to get their Jeeps fixed.

The NHSTA has announced a recall that impacts the Jeeps as related to software that can cause the engine to shut down suddenly while the Jeep is driving. The issue is perceived to be relatively dangerous and has already been linked to at least two crashes. It’s certainly something that we would recommend qualifying Jeep owners to take action on as soon as possible. The recall covers some 62,909 Wranglers.

The original report from CarScoops tells us that the models impacted were produced between 9/2/2020 and 8/17/2022.

The issue happens when this software issue causes a loss of communication between the diagnostic system and the engine. The fix is as simple as a software update on the vehicles impacted by the issue. Via Jalopnik, “The automaker says updated software in the transmission control processor and the systems controlling the plug-in hybrid battery system will ensure that no more unintentional engine shut-offs will occur.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear as if this particular software issue can be fixed over the air as is the case with many wi-fi connected vehicles these days. Instead, impacted vehicle owners are going to have to head into the dealership to have their vehicle fixed if it is impacted by this particular issue.

The also continue that this isn’t the first recall with the 4XE. There are three open recalls related to the model including fuel pump failure, inoperative side marker lights, and unsecured fuses inside the high-voltage battery.

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