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Dodge Dealerships React to AWD Hellcat Magnum Creation

For most people, when an automotive manufacturer ceases production on their favorite model, there isn’t much they can do. These folks might go out and purchase a version of that model to hang on to. No matter how much they beg and plead, though, there are certain cars that are just never coming back even though a portion of the enthusiast community might be dying to see them again.

One example of this is the Dodge Magnum. At this point in time, I think that most people have probably forgotten about the Magnum. However, for one enthusiast who goes by the name of Junkyard Dave on YouTube, it seems as if he just doesn’t want to let the model die.

Therefore, he decided to get creative and put his fabrication skills to work. With the help of a bank of know-how and the willingness to learn, this individual took the likes of a Dodge Charger, an old Dodge Magnum, and components from a Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, fusing them together to form what he calls the Hellcat Magnum.

This definitely isn’t something that you see every day and is certainly a creation that we have been keeping an eye on out of sheer curiosity. Wagons just seem to have a soft spot in the heart of a lot of performance enthusiasts so watching somebody take one of the most powerful and popular muscle cars and turning it into something like this is absolutely a treat.

Down in the video below, we watch as Junkyard Dave takes the car to a Dodge dealership to see exactly how they will react to the custom creation. Let’s just say that once the car rolled its way into the lot of the Dodge dealer, it was greeted with lots of questions and double-takes for sure.