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John Cena Revealed That he Daily Drives a Honda Civic and the Internet is Losing its Mind

When it comes to celebrities who are passionate about cars, John Cena is one of the biggest names that come to mind. If one were to browse YouTube looking for evidence of this, they’d likely find clips of Cena discussing his love for cars and sharing insights into his garage. However, as many car enthusiasts know, driving your purpose-built machine every day can be inconvenient and impractical. This is where the concept of a daily driver comes in, saving many headaches in the world of wheels.

Considering Cena’s reported net worth of over $80 million, one would expect him to implement this daily driver philosophy and opt for a more comfortable ride on a day-to-day basis. Instead of a luxury vehicle or a pickup truck as a daily driver, the man who could afford just about any car surprised everyone by revealing his daily driver in a recent episode of comedian, Andrew Santino’s podcast, Whiskey Ginger when he had to brag a bit about his 2020 Honda Civic Type R.

While the Civic Type R is a respectable vehicle, packing over 300 hp in a lightweight machine with the option for a manual transmission, it is surprising to imagine a man known for his massive physique driving around in such a small vehicle every day.

During the podcast, Cena defended his choice, highlighting the Civic’s tech, reliability, and stability at 145 mph. I guess that Mr. “You Can’t See Me” is no stranger to some high-speed highway pulls from time to time. Cena also noted that the car has a backseat and all the bells and whistles, making it comfortable for him to drive.

However, despite Cena’s reasoning, comment sections seem unable to wrap their collective heads around the idea of the former wrestler behind the wheel of a Civic. Regardless of what people think, it’s clear that Cena is a car enthusiast who has carefully selected his daily driver which he very much enjoys driving, no matter what car it may be.

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