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Junkyard Crane Operator Dissects Tiny Components From BMW With Amazing Precision

One of the beautiful things about the internet is that it has the tendency to bring together lots of people who are really talented and show these abilities off to the world.

This time, we check in with one of those individuals that video sharing site, TikTok, was made for. The video kicks off with a BMW wagon that is clearly ready to be sent off to the scrap heap. When things get kicked off, we aren’t really sure where the footage going but when the operator of the crane in the picture gets to work, it becomes clear in a hurry.

Instead of just lifting this car up and putting it in the crusher, the operator of the crane expertly dissects the machine, limb from limb. Essentially, the crane has a set of jaws that can pick apart each component of the car separately to sort the components into their designated bin. It might sound simple but is something that looks to require a steady hand.

The video starts off with the bigger components being pulled from the car such as the rear end and drivetrain. While this is impressive in and of itself, things get even more intense as the crane operator starts going after smaller and smaller components. We’re talking about wiring harnesses that are picked up by the massive jaws and collected from the car before being slung into the proper bin.

The video shows off a situation that’s pretty cool to take a peek behind the scenes with.

We’re not exactly sure if something like this is standard practice across the industry but it definitely is a lot of fun to observe. The process is almost like a grander version of the claw machine that we all remember playing with him we were younger. This version also looks a lot more fun as well!

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