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Just Listen to it! 850 hp Trackhawk Gets a SERIOUS Exhaust

Here at Speed Society, we pride ourselves on giving away some of the most awesome cars that we possibly can. Could we give away a factory-stock Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk and call it a day? Probably. However, our inner gearhead dictates that we just need to go the extra mile modify this thing before handing over the keys to one lucky winner.

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This time, thanks to our Beyond the Build series, you will get to go behind the scenes to see exactly how that’s done.

Straight out of the box, the Trackhawk is a healthy monster indeed. The heavyweight cranks out over 700 hp but with a couple of tasteful mods, we take that 700 hp and crank up the volume just a little bit.

In this particular episode of Beyond the Build, we check in with some of the parts that are going to be installed like a full custom exhaust. In a side-by-side comparison in this one, you can see exactly what it is that this aftermarket exhaust brings to the table that the factory one never could.

After getting the exhaust installation wrapped up, we also show off a few other updates like spark plugs and a crankshaft damper. Last but not least, we throw on a Leg Maker intake to make sure that the engine is not only able to expel exhaust gases efficiently but able to ingest that cool air efficiently as well

Down in the video below, we check in with the latest steps of the build that basically gets the Trackhawk to a place where it’s ready to get tuned. Now that all of the parts are in place, all that it’s going to take is a couple of strokes of the keyboard to get this Jeep up to par and ready for a new owner.

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