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Justin Swanstrom Manages New Personal Best in “Prenup” NPK Car

When it comes to racing in the big leagues, sure, money can move mountains. Nobody who knows what they’re talking about is going to argue that someone can come to a promotion like No Prep Kings and compete without spending a good bit of cash. However, that’s not where the buck stops. Instead, there’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes that can take a competitor from a relative nobody to top dog.

As the top competitors in just about any competitive racing series will tell you, in addition to the money, time invested is an incredibly important ingredient. Money might get you in the door but it’s pretty difficult to buy a championship when all of the top competitors have the same money you do. In fact, we might even go so far as saying that the strongest competitors in a series like No Prep Kings would attribute their success immediately the number of hours invested.

This time, we check in with NPK competitor, Justin Swanstrom, as he shows just how committed he is to his craft. During the month of February, perhaps some competitors might find a little bit of time to get away to somewhere warm where they might be able to hang out on a beach for a little bit.

Instead of doing that, Swanstrom is hard at work, putting in the time to try and up his game for the quickly approaching NPK season. In fact, he managed to take his hot rod by the name of “Prenup” to a new personal best.

By following along with the video below, we check in with Swanstrom and company as they give us a peek into the effort. Believe it or not, races aren’t won on race day, they’re won right here in the background when nobody is looking (aside from Swanstrom’s YouTube following, that is!)