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Fast X Official Trailer Teases Return to Series Roots

The folks from the Fast & Furious universe have graced us with a trailer for the upcoming installment in the series. Fast X is slated to come out May 19th and has fans wondering what is coming next. There has been speculation running rampant that the crew will be going back to the old neighborhood again or maybe participating in time travel. Yeah, the rumors are kind of all over the place.

With a series originally about street racers that has brought the dead back to life, tapped into the world of international espionage, and even traveled into space, it can be kind of hard to blame fans for having imaginations that run wild with what the plot might just bring next.

What we do know for sure is that at least one of the upcoming antagonists in the series will be played by Jason Momoa. It seems as if the franchise has built a business model that involves a revolving door of some of the top talent in the industry these days and Mamoa is next up to bat.

Another thing that we caught in the trailer is that there is some time spent in the old neighborhood that we first saw in the first installment of the series, The Fast and the Furious. Just how much time will be spent in this part of town, though, is to be determined.

Below, we check in with the trailer that gives us a little bit of a teaser of what we can expect this upcoming Spring. Following the movie that has been the worst reviewed of the entire series so far, fetching just 5.2 out of 10 stars, hopefully, the Fast crew has something special up its sleeve to make the 10th installment of the iconic franchise something really worth watching when it hits theaters.

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