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Kiss Poor Road Conditions Goodbye With This Genius Pothole Band-Aid System

Throughout the country and the world, there are a lot of roads that we wish could be better-taken care of. Sometimes, a poorly maintained road can take what would otherwise be a smooth daily commute and turn it into a complete sideshow. Nobody wants to be riding down the highway that is more potholes than it is smooth surfaces.

This time, we check in with one innovation that attempts to take the level of pothole repair to a new level. Instead of just filling in the hole and letting nature have its way with the surface after the fact, this innovation is an attempt to seal the repair job from mother nature to make sure that it lasts just a little bit longer.

With innovation by the name of the “American Road Patch,” we find what is essentially a massive Band-Aid to put over a pothole that has been repaired.

The sheet is backed with adhesive and can bond to both asphalt and concrete to make a weather-tight seal over the repaired portion of the road. In other words, the repair job will be met with a lot less wear and tear than it typically would be without such a patch. In the long term, this could mean that maybe the road will never have to be fixed again, when in other situations, maybe the patch needs to be filled back in every couple of years.

Down in the video below, we check in with how exactly this innovation works and what it could mean for a roadway near you. I know that it’s hard to think about things like this unless you’re dealing with a terrible experience on a regular basis. However, with such an innovation, perhaps those people who are driving to work on nothing potholes can smooth things out just a little bit.