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KOENIGSEGG Regera | 0-250-0 mph – NEW WORLD RECORD

With a hypercar like the Koenigsegg Regera, performance is the biggest part of the puzzle. While there might be some cool features on board, the main feature that makes a machine like this appealing is how exactly it performs when the driver puts their foot to the floor and takes this thing down a track. If it wasn’t capable of being one of the world’s most capable performers, we’re not quite sure that the stunning machine would be able to command its $2 million price tag.

A couple of days ago, the team at Koenigsegg would show the world exactly how their creation of the Regera performs as they took to an airport in Sweden to set a world record. Chasing down records is something that the team at Koenigsegg is incredibly familiar with. This time, they have 1500 combined horsepower on tap to do just that. 1100 of this horsepower is made from combustion and 700 hp from the car’s electric drive.

Markus Lundh, Koenigsegg’s development driver, got behind the wheel of the Regera at Orebro Airport with the aim of becoming the fastest to ever rocket from 0 to 400 kmh and back to 0 again. That means that the spectacle of engineering not only had the show off that it could accelerate with a ton of power but also that it could scrub off speed faster than the rest by getting back to a stop in the quickest manner as well.

When it was time to go to work, they did just that, setting the record as Lundh tackled the 0-400-0 record in just 28.81 seconds. Because 400 KMH is so close to 250 mph as it sits at about 248.5 mph, the team decided to crack the 250 mph record as well. On another pass, we would watch the Regera rocket from 0-250-o MPH in a matter of 29.6 seconds. Both of these passes set the record as the quickest homologated production car to ever achieve each feat.