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Lacey Blair Takes Her SEMA Build Mudding – She Shut Up The Haters!

For those who make their living in the automotive industry, SEMA is the show to be at. This once-a-year gathering in Las Vegas brings together all of the who’s who in the world of wheels. For those who aren’t familiar, the whole concept behind the show is to show off, basically. The event that’s designed for networking usually has everybody on their best behavior and putting their best foot forward. This means that different shops or brands will spend lots of time and money to have themselves well represented. Therefore, the quality of the machines that we see can really be incredibly impressive. This comes on the heels of both time and craftsmanship investment.

With the way that the internet works, no matter how impressive something might be, there’s always going to be somebody lurking around to talk a little smack. People just suck like that. In a world of SEMA trucks, there is always going to be somebody who is talking about the truck not going off-road like it looks like it was designed for. We can definitely see why somebody who just dumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into a marketing build wouldn’t want to take it through the mud. It could potentially damage finishes and break expensive parts. All of this could mean reversing months or years of hard work. However, it turns out that Lacey Blair had some other ideas in mind.

We aren’t exactly sure how much money Lacy dumped into this Cadillac Escalade. However, it looks like she was going to send it nonetheless. We aren’t sure what it is but there’s just something so satisfying about seeing a machine so perfect being exposed to this kind of environment. We definitely don’t want to see the truck get hurt but it’s hard to deny that it’s fun watching it rock through the mud.



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