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Leaky Rusted Vintage Snap-On Floor Jack Restoration is Oddly Therapeutic

With the effort invested to restore tools, most of the time, there’s really not much function in restoring an old one. However, sometimes things aren’t necessarily all about the function and instead, take on more of an artistic façade.

This time, we check in with the creator who took a rusty old tool and brought it back to life once again. Not only did Rebuilt & Restored make sure that the function of the vintage Snap-On floor jack was perfect. Our host also decided to go ahead and give this tool a pristine finish to really make it look the part as well. In fact, we aren’t even sure that this thing quite looked this good when it was broken out of the original packaging let alone the fact that it’s decades old.

This video really ends up being incredibly satisfying to watch as the tool is dissected, piece by piece, and reconstructed once again. In a day and age where most people would probably just throw out the old one and get something new, it’s actually kind of neat and refreshing to watch a restoration like this take place.

After the jack is broken and freshened up a little bit inside, we watch as every single component is restored in and of itself. It sounds kind of easy but it’s not quite exactly what it would seem. Instead, the job seems to take on painstaking detail that certainly had to take a lot of patience. This creator isn’t just dousing the jack in a pool of cleaner and scrubbing it up. Instead, each component is carefully dissected and restored to the point where it looks brand new.

Heading into the video, this isn’t something that I could’ve seen myself having the patience to watch for the entire 42 minutes. However, after the video gets going, it’s kind of hard to turn off. We might even go so far as saying that a clip like this serves as a sort of relaxation therapy. It’s just so satisfying to watch the old school tool come back to life again.